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Threaded console available!

October 30th, 2006

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This weekend, Eugenio posted an updated version of the downloadable systemic console. The Java code in this version is fully multithreaded, which means that we’re finally able to provide the much-needed and much-requested “stop” button.

For previous console releases, clicking multi-parameter minimization — “polish” — with integration enabled would often cause the console to effectively freeze as the computer worked it’s way through an exceedingly long bout of computation. With the new version, progress is indicated both by a graphical redrawing of the fit, and by a running tally of the number of Levenberg-Marquardt iterations that have been completed. If things appear to be progressing too slowly, it’s now possible to abort to the latest model state by pressing the stop button.

A “back” button will be activated shortly, which will allow you to step backward through your work to revisit earlier model configurations in the session. These features should significantly improve the overall usability of the console.

Another area where progress has been rapid is in the stability checker. Eugenio has put a lot of detailed information on this new functionality on the general discussion section of the backend. In short, the stability checker can now be used as a full fledged integrator which can write time series data to user-specified files. In a post that will go up shortly, we’ll look at how the stability checker can be used to answer some interesting dynamical questions.

Systemic Jr. is also just about ready to go. Assuming that there’s no unforseen snags, we’re looking to launch it on Nov. 1 (next week). In the meantime, download a fresh console, and give the new features a spin.

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    This looks very nice!
    It gives a lot of flexibility and well as information.

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