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A Final Exam…

January 1st, 2019 2 comments

Latest Deep Space Climate Observatory Image

Over the past several semesters at Yale, I’ve been working out a new take on the standard “Astronomy 101” class for non-science majors. Broadly, the goal is to stage a wide-angle view of the Anthropocene, thereby forging an understanding of how Earth fits into its broader cosmic context. Economics, Political Science, and History constituted the largest groups of majors in the class.

I’m working on getting the class notes, problem sets and readings into a form that’s distributable. In the interim, I’ll cut right to the chase with the final exam. Per Yale’s official instructions:

Final examinations normally last either two or three hours but, in either case, students are permitted to take an additional half hour before being required to turn in their answers. This additional time is given for improving what has already been written, rather than for breaking new ground.

Link to .pdf version of the AY 105 Final Exam

This one was set as the three-hour variety. (Didn’t seem like any utility would be gained by imposing time pressure.)

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