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Systemic Jr.

November 5th, 2006

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The activity this week has all been under the hood, and as a result, the systemic front-end has languished without news. Apologies for that! A slew of updates are on the spike.

Stefano is now officially on the roster at Oklo HQ, and we’re very happy to have him here. The atmosphere is caffeine-fueled startup. He’s already implemented numerous updates and improvements to the systemic backend which, when coupled with Eugenio’s progress on the console, put our web 2.0 story into high gear.

There were a number of times last week when the oklo.org site was temporarily unavailable. Our ISP restricts us to no more than 20% of a full processor load, and exceeding this causes the site to shut down for 5 minutes. We’re now in the process of temporarily mirroring the backend on a machine at Lick Observatory, and quite soon we’ll have a dedicated server up and running.

The systemic Junior datasets have now been added to the downloadable systemic console. Eugenio writes (see the backend discussion forum for the full description):

Systemic Jr. is now included in systemic.zip. You will see two drop down boxes in the upper right region of the main console. One is used to choose a real star system, while the other one is used to pick a Systemic Jr. system. Note that while both boxes are enabled, only one data set is actually selected. In the systemic directory, you will see two new items: “sysjrSystems.txt” and the directory “sysjrdatafiles.” These hold the information needed for Systemic Jr.

As soon as the Lick Observatory server is online, the backend will be able to accept fits to the Systemic Jr. data sets. In the meantime, please save your fits on your local machine. Some of the Systemic Jr. systems may seem familiar. It’s best however, if all of the datasets are approached without a pre-conceived notion of what might be generating them. Once the Systemic Jr. data sets have been fitted, we’ll be able to do a very interesting analysis which will give us some much-wanted information about the nature of the galactic planetary census.

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